Saturday, September 4, 2010

Indie fans:

A friend of mine, Jennifer, is the biggest indie child I've ever met, so being a fan of the genre I asked for her opinion on some bands and etc. She sent all this to me in a message on Facebook, so I'm just going to copy the message in it's entirety and share it with you guys! Even if you're not a fan check some of it out, it's great.

Fun- Take Your Time Coming Home
(I totally moved this to the top of this list, this is the song you need to listen to before all the others. It's my absolute favorite of the moment. They're on Manchester Orchestra's label Favorite Gentlemen, and I've seen them live, with Manchester.)

Margot & The Nuclear So & So's - On A Freezing Chicago Street
( Every song by this band is amazing. And thats just it. Also check out "Jen Is Bringing The Drugs" if you like them)

Broadcast 2000 -Get Up and Go
(I was on and stumbled onto this song, and it took me forever to find who it was by. I digggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg the shit out of it.
Theyre not very well known, and most of their songs are little out there, but good if you like the tone they set, AND the video is cool.)

The Naked and Famous- Young Blood
(they are like a slower passion pit, with girls)

Magnetic Men - I Need Air
(kinda techno-y, not my usual jam, but I dig the beat)

Cass McCombs- You Saved My Life
(I listen to this when Im SUPER high, the video is stupid, ignore it)

Barcelona- Please Don't Go
(Barcelona can go either way, they have slow melodic stuff, or a little heavier fast paced things. I really really like them)

Lovedrug- Thieving
(his voice is a little interesting, its hit or miss for different people, I dig it)

Metric- Help I'm Alive

Sky Sailing- Brielle
(Adam Young [Owl City] this is his OTHER side project. It's less electronic, and I dig it.)

Harper Simon- Wishes and Stars
(upbeat, harmonic, pretty cool)

Avi Buffalo- Whats In It For
(got a different sorta vibe to it, kinda like The Shins)

The Morning Bender- Crosseyed
(just found these guys tonight, I really really like them)

Sondre Lerche- Phanton Punch
(From Germany, and it's a little different theyre beats and riffs remind me of The Strokes)

Frightened Rabbit- The Twist
(Theyre from Scotland, his voice has an obvious accent to it, this song is a little out there, "Swim Until You Can't See Land" is their well known single. You should also give it a listen before you say no!)

The Tastydactyls- Ma Suds
(Danny actually played a show with these guys, and he brought home their CD, this is the song I liked the most.)


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