Thursday, January 13, 2011

I haven't made any sort of update in a while so here's some more moosac.

Walking the dog- Fun.:
Okay so, this has been a current obsession of mine, this band is great. The vocalist used to sing for this band called The Format, if any of you have ever heard of them I thought they were pretty okay, they had a pop/country sound back then. This song however, I can admit to having listened to this song more times than I can count by hands and toes.

Syke! Life is awesome- Bomb the Music Industry:
These guys are a Ska band from Baldwin, New York and do all of their recordings in the vocalists apartment. Now keep in mind, this is like the more closely related Punk Ska, not quite like Phish type of Ska. They have a lot of songs worth checking out and I'd recommend this band to anyone whose a rock/alternative/punk fan. Humorously enough, They sought out one goal for their new album, to spend more money than they ever have on producing an album: $500. All of their albums are available to download for free on their tumblr, posted here:

She moves in her own way- The Kooks:
The Kooks are a pretty well-known Brit band by now, this song, She moves in her own way, is probably one of my favorites, the verses of a reggae style feel to them and the chorus returns to the classic brit-rock style. Much like Bomb the Music Industry, just about every one of this bands songs are worth giving a listen, you won't regret it!

I'll add more tunes and descriptions when I return back home, enjoy these for now!

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